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Deal: Cheapest Microsoft Office 365 Small Business Premium package costs £105

Box is selling a single license of Microsoft's Office 365 (Small Business Premium) package via its eBay outlet for a mere £104.99, fractionally less than the competition but just enough to earn itself the title of cheapest Office 365 for business package on the market. You do, incidentally get free delivery and 105 Nectar points for free.

The offer represents a saving of 13 per cent off the suggested retail price and carries the SKU ID 6SR-00005. It includes a year's worth of subscription to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note, Publisher and Access plus free use on mobile devices, HD video conferencing, company website tools, business email and shared calendar (25GB per user).

Note that this is a medialess product which means that you will need to download your product. It is a one-license unit that can be used on five different devices (Macs or PCs) and gives you unlimited software updates.

Whether or not it is better than buying Office outright depends on whether a business is willing to spend more initially or spread costs over a set period. Check out Microsoft Office 365 for small business here.

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