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Mellanox showcases first InfiniBand connection with Nvidia Tegra ARM processors

Mellanox Technologies has announced the first demonstration of its ConnectX-3 FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand technology running on the SECO ARM development platform with Nvidia Tegra processors.

The achievement means that ARM-based platforms can now benefit from the ultra-fast transfer capabilities of InfiniBand, allowing for faster-than-ever supercomputers, which could eventually make their way onto the Top500 list.

Nvidia said the demonstration, along with support for ARM in the latest CUDA parallel programming toolkit, provides the foundation for developers to build an ARM high-performance computing application ecosystem.

The technology could also benefit enterprise datacentres, with InfiniBand offering scalability on top of its superior transfer speeds to SATA and PCIe. Even faster data rates are expected in 2014.

“This particular technology demonstration represents a significant development milestone for adoption of Mellanox’s InfiniBand solutions in new CPU platforms such as NVIDIA Tegra-based ARM platforms,” said Gilad Shainer, vice president of marketing at Mellanox.

“As future generations of 64-bit ARM solutions come on-line, applications will continue to demand ultra-low latency communications and scalability that only Mellanox InfiniBand can provide.”

Those interested in seeing the technology first hand can visit Mellanox and Nvidia at booth #326 at the International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany from 17-20 June.