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Report: Big data is "mission critical" for government IT

69 per cent of federal IT executives surveyed in the US have called big data “mission critical” for government IT, helping create a smarter government and lowering agency costs.

The report by MeriTalk, which surveyed 150 IT executives working for federal government, revealed a strong majority highlighting the importance of big data. They said it could save $500 billion (£317 billion), or 14 per cent, of agency budgets every year.

Governments throughout the world are already investing in big data, increasing server storage capacity, determining bandwidth needs, and pumping money into advanced data mining.

Big data is expected to take off even further in the years ahead, and the IT executives believe that in five years time big data will be “critical.” They said that 46 per cent of agency data should ideally be tagged, while 45 per cent should be analysed.

51 per cent of the surveyed executives believe big data will help improve processes and efficiency. 44 per cent believe it will enhance security, while 31 per cent believe it will help agencies predict trends.

“Big data is transforming government. Each agency needs to first identify how big data can support their mission objectives, then assess the infrastructure, the savings opportunity, and start with a pilot project,” said Rich Campbell, Chief Technologist of Federal at EMC Corporation.

“There is enormous opportunity ahead for government to apply big and fast data to manage data growth, gain new insights from data, and innovate in ways that weren’t possible before due to technology limitations. It will enable agencies to be more productive, work smarter and be more agile – to keep up with the pace of change.”