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Cheapest deal for an 11.6in Intel laptop: Lenovo E130 ThinkPad Edge for £249

Very often, small (or tiny) is often synonymous with underpowered products. The Galaxy S3 Mini (or the S4 Mini) and so many Netbooks illustrate this point. Lenovo's E130 ThinkPad Edge however looks to move away from this trend.

Adorned with a glossy red cover, this is an ultra-portable laptop with a screen size (and resolution) similar to Apple's MacBook Air.

However, it costs a mere £249, a third of Apple's product, and you can buy it straight from Lenovo's online retail outlet. Features includes a six-cell battery (which surprisingly apparently run for only 2.5 hours), Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, a dual-core Intel Pentium Dual-Core 977 clocked at 1.4GHz with 2MB L3 cache, Intel HD Graphics, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard disk drive spinning at 7200RPM, Windows 7 Home Premium, Thinkpad's signature UltraNav (a trackpoint and a touchpad combo).

There are plenty of ports too including VGA, HDMI, an Ethernet one and two USBs. As expected though there is no optical drive and you can expect the keyboard to be a little bit cramped because of the laptop's diminutive dimensions.

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