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Intel drops massive smart watch hints

Intel is working on a smart watch, according to revelations at the Bloomberg Next Big Thing conference in Half Moon Bay, California.

Justin Rattner, Chief Technology Officer at Intel, revealed that the chip giant has several “experimental devices” undergoing testing at its laboratories, including one in a wrist-bound computer display.

“The watch is kind of — if you want to put the time on it, that’s fine,” said Rattner, according to VentureBeat. “But if you’re talking about texting today, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just look at your wrist?”

Intel is also working on technology that pre-emptively knows when you want to use it, which it calls contextually aware computing. This could be employed in its smart watch to help attract customers or it might be licensed out to other firms.

Apple's iWatch has been the source of much speculation for some time now, but other major technology companies have also jumped on the wearable computing bandwagon, including Google, Samsung, Sony (pictured above) and most recently Acer, which has set 2014 as the deadline for its wearable technology debut.

What is most interesting is that there were rumours last year that Intel was involved in Apple's design process, which suggests the two may be pairing up for this.

The language Rattner used, however, hints that Intel is hoping to expand further into the smart device market on its own grounds.