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Skype's free video messaging now on iOS, Android and BlackBerry

Skype is taking the beta tags off its video-messaging feature, which lets users send short videos to friends when they're offline.

Starting now, Skype users on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry can send an unlimited number of video messages to other Skype users for free.

"Want to say goodnight to your kids while traveling, but you'll be up in the air? Need to wish your dad a happy birthday, but can't seem to catch up? Skype can help you connect with the special people in your life — even when your schedules conflict," Skype wrote in a blog post.

To send a video message, tap the "video message" button within Skype and then the record button. Messages can be up to three minutes in length, and users can preview them before sending.

There's also the option to delete and re-record. When you're satisfied, click the envelope icon to send, and it will be delivered to the recipient for viewing whenever they sign on.

The recipient will be the only person who can view your video message, according to Skype.

Skype launched a preview version of Skype video messaging for Windows 8 in May.

Earlier this month, Microsoft released a new version of Skype for Windows 8, which brings improved support for HD video and better video messaging.

Check out the video above for Skype video messaging in action.