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Lenovo unveils new 15.6in Ultrabook

Lenovo is pushing the boundaries of the Ultrabook segment as it launches the ThinkPad S531, one with a 15.6in display, one which can lay flat.

The product is being pitched as a premium laptop “with an ultra-think bezel and beveled edges”, which according to the manufacturer, gives the impression that the PC is floating.

This being a ThinkPad, it will be aimed at businesses and has the red nipple controller in the middle plus an island-style backlit keyboard (and a dedicated numeric keypad).

Other features include Windows 8 Pro (with Windows 7 Pro as well), a nine-hour battery life, a third generation Intel Core CPU (no Haswell for the moment) and a 500GB hard disk drive.

Also on the spec list is the OneLink technology which allows users to connect to a dock with a single cable for dedicated video, additional USB 3.0 ports, a GbE Ethernet port and acts as a charger.

The laptop is already on preorder in the UK from the likes of Ballicom for under £600. A unit with a full HD display and with 10GB of RAM will come in July.