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LG sets Q4 for arrival of bendy OLED smartphone

LG Display has confirmed it will begin mass production of flexible OLED smartphone screens in the fourth quarter of this year.

The South Korean company said it expects its display complex in Paju to manufacture 12,000 sheets of bendable OLED per month.

"We have completed the development of our first flexible displays," LG told the Korea Times, excruciatingly teasing, "We've already shipped samples to clients including LG Electronics."

These clients are currently unknown, but the tech giant also said that it aims to release its own flexible smartphone around the same time.

Earlier this year, LG announced it would put its own flexible smartphone on the market before the end of 2013, and it looks to be sticking with that promise.

Apart from the fact that it will feature the aforementioned flexible display, LG has not provided any specific details about its upcoming handset.

Even the extent of the screen's flexibility is uncertain, with many speculating that a foldable device is still a technology of the fairly distant future. Instead, the OLED screen may just bend around the edges of the phone, allowing for parts of the screen to be seen from a variety of angles.

LG could beat its fellow South Korean manufacturer Samsung in the bendy smartphone stakes. Samsung in November pointed towards the first half of 2013 for the release of its own debut flexible phone.

Image credit: The Korea Times