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Sony NWZ-W273 preview: waterproof Walkman

Sony can pride itself on being the inventor of portable audio devices, and it's still going strong in this industry. The NWZ-W273 is a Walkman designed for active people, and we tested it for a period while jogging. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, we're quite positive about Sony's latest compact and waterproof music player.

If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, having the company of music can be both pleasant and helpful in keeping your energy levels up. Back to the NWZ-W273 device. One of the main selling points of this new Walkman is that it's waterproof. According to Sony it's IPX8 certified, which is a step above the IP67 often claimed for smartphones. The number that indicates how dust proof a product is, is replaced here by an X. It doesn't mean that it can't handle any dirt, it just means it's not been officially certified for it. It's safe to assume that a device that has an 8 for being waterproof in more than 1 metre of water, will likely have the highest level of dust resistance (6).

The IPX8 certification in practice means that you can go swimming with it, should you want to do that. We'll take Sony's word for it, we didn't try it out ourselves. We're not such big swimmers around here, but jogging, and jogging in pouring rain, that we can talk about. Neither sweat nor rain did anything to affect the NWZ-W273, which isn't always the case when you use normal earpods. With those the sound quality starts to deteriorate the more you sweat or the longer it rains. You can read the rest of Sony NWZ-W273 preview on