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Ed tech platform Mobento completes £1.1m seed funding round

Tech City-based startup Mobento has successfully completed a round of seed funding to the tune of £1.1 million.

It is understood that Mobento has been backed by a small consortium of "classic angel investors" and that the money raised represents the largest ever investment in a UK educational technology company.

Mobento is an online learning platform that offers a curated selection of educational videos for schools and pupils to access through the web or via a mobile app.

Central to the tool is Mobento Search, which allows users to search for videos by individual words - so looking for 'enzymes' will bring up videos from the likes of Yale, TED, and Khan Academy featuring relevant content.

"Video is an incredibly powerful tool in education. It slots right into the behaviour and customs of contemporary students and it is a democratising and liberating force within education because it enables the world's best educators to reach out to students all over the world," noted Sumner Murphy, founder of Mobento.

Murphy, a New Yorker by birth, said that he was attracted to East London's "lively startup environment" and that he hoped to play a part in bringing the ed tech sector "up to speed" with the advances being made by social and mobile startups.

Benjamin Southworth, Deputy CEO of Tech City Investment Organisation, commented: "Mobento's decision to base themselves here is further proof that Tech City is the ideal location to scale and grow a successful digital business. Quick access to Europe and our heritage of creativity and innovation make London attractive for digital media and tech companies."

"Whilst the blend of creativity and innovation that exists in East London with easy access to the financial centre of the City is also a major advantage. It is this thriving ecosystem made up of start-ups, small companies, academic organisations, investors and large corporates that has made Tech City the digital capital of Europe," Southworth added.