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Evernote expands Web Clipper for Chrome to Gmail

One way to de-clutter an email inbox is to download one of the many available email management apps. Or, you could clip important messages — as well as their attached files — directly to Evernote.

The popular Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome is expanding its reach to Gmail. Now, when your boss emails you details about the company retreat or a friend sends the itinerary for her wedding weekend, it won't get lost among the jumble of messages, but can be better organised in Evernote, with just one click.

"Email accounts are much more than a history of conversations. They contain photos, research, files, purchase receipts, travel itineraries, and just about everything in between," Evernote's vice president of marketing, Andrew Sinkov, wrote in a blog entry.

"The trouble with email," he continued, "is that with thousands of emails in an account, it becomes incredibly difficult to organize things and find what you need, which is precisely where Evernote excels."

Just remember that Web Clipper grabs only what it can see on the screen, so if you want all parts of the conversation, be sure to expand the thread or scroll down the page.

Once clipped, the content can be placed into any notebook, assigned any relevant tags, or even added to an existing note. The subject line becomes the note's title, and all recipients' email addresses will appear near the top. Premium Evernote users can turn attached spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs into searchable documents.

Download the Web Clipper plug-in for Google Chrome online now, and start clipping.

Evernote recently boosted its mobile experience with Reminders — a sort of to-do list that combined three of the app's most requested featured into one easily organised package. The Reminders function is available on Evernote for Mac, iOS, and Evernote web; it also rolled out to Android users earlier this month.