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Apple wins patent lawsuit against Samsung over "bounce" screen effect

Apple has won a lawsuit against Samsung in a Japan over the infringement of one of its visual effects patent.

Judge Shigeru Osuga of the Tokyo District Court ruled that Samsung infringed the patent, which creates a “bounce” effect in the user interface when a user scrolls to the end of something.

The feature is relatively minor and entirely cosmetic, but the two companies have been locked in a competition war where little things like this could make a difference.

A decision on the amount of damages to be paid has yet to be made, according to BusinessWeek.

Apple and Samsung have been at each other's throats for years in courts around the world. Apple claims that the Korean electronics giant “slavishly copied” its designs, but Samsung has also launched counter-suits.

Japan has not been a guaranteed victory ground for Apple, however. In August of last year a different judge decided against Apple's lawsuit that claimed Samsung infringed a patent relating to synchronisation of music and video with servers.

The same court also rejected Samsung's attempts to halt sales of Apple's iPhone and iPad range in February.

Samsung said it would review the new ruling and may launch an appeal.