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Dell launches Toad for Oracle 12.0 for database professionals

Dell has launched Toad for Oracle 12.0, the latest version of its database software for professional users, making database administration easier than ever.

Some of the new features included are a forum window, providing access to the Toad World community knowledge base, jump search capability for rapid automated search, multi-schema comparison in source and destination environments, private script and Toad World repositories, and MyToad for remote script execution using a web-based GUI.

The three million strong Toad World has also received a revamp, letting database professionals connect with experts on forums, groups and blogs, providing a wealth of tools and resources, and letting users access product betas, freeware downloads and more.

“At Dell, we think a connected employee is a more efficient one. With the new Toad and Toad World releases, Dell connects its users to knowledge, and to other users on their team and around the world. Individuals and teams working with data and databases can be smarter and faster,” said Darin Bartik, executive director of product management at the Information Management division of Dell Software.

“In turn, business applications and processes that depend on this work can be released quickly, perform better, and cost less to operate. It’s a simple concept that we think will have a tremendous impact on our customers.”

Toad for Oracle 12.0 is available immediately, starting at $955 (£618).