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UK launches £4 million campaign for cyber security awareness

The UK government has launched a new campaign worth £4 million with the aim of increasing awareness of cyber security amongst consumers and small businesses.

James Brokenshire, Minister for Security, gave the Home Office campaign the go-ahead as part of the government’s National Cyber Security Programme. The aim is to educate people about how to protect themselves from a growing number of cyber criminals.

The campaign will be run with the help of the Cabinet Office, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, and business industry specialists like Get Safe Online. According to the National Fraud Authority, even minor changes to how people use the Internet, such as better password security, could prevent significant financial loss.

“The digitisation of the UK economy has made our lives easier and has created huge opportunities, but it has also created individual security risks as well. If we are to meet these new challenges it’s essential we step up our efforts to stay safe online,” said Brokenshire.

“The threat of cyber crime is real and the criminals involved are organised and driven by profit. By making small changes British businesses can remain competitive in the global economy and consumers can have greater confidence using the internet.”

The Home Office also issued a report showing a significant drop in the number of crimes committed against UK businesses over the past decade, down from 21.5 million in 2002 to just 7 million last year.

However, it was criticised by LogRhythm for failing to account for cyber crimes suffered by UK businesses, which it said are definitely on the rise.

The new cyber security awareness campaign gets under way in Autumn.