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Complement your Facebook status updates with emoticons on updated iOS app

The next time you post a Facebook status update from your iPhone, you'll be able to add an icon showing what you're feeling, reading, watching, or eating — a la vintage MySpace.

The emoticons come as part of an update Facebook has rolled out for its iOS app, that also brings new privacy and messaging options. The social network initially introduced status update icons back in April to the web version of Facebook.

The new option essentially lets you add a mood and emoticon as a complement to your post. You can specify how you're feeling, what you're watching, reading, listening to, drinking, eating, or playing. For instance, instead of just posting that you can't wait for the weekend, you can now attribute an emotion to the status update, specifying whether you're feeling happy or otherwise about it.

The new icons are accessible from the status update composer. Simply press 'status' like you normally would and you'll see a smiley face, which brings up a menu that asks "What are you doing?"

Meanwhile, the latest version of Facebook for iOS (6.2) also lets you start a new conversation with photos you receive in messages. If someone sends you an image, you can now press the arrow icon on the lower left side of the screen and either save it to your camera roll, or send it to someone else in a new Facebook message.

Beyond that, the update also brings a new privacy option, letting you easily change who can see something you have shared. You can specify whether you want to share your update with all of Facebook, just friends, make it private so only you can see it, or select specific friend lists or groups.

Meanwhile, Facebook is gearing up for even more changes. The social-networking giant will take the stage on 20 June to announce "a new product" at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California.