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Sony shows off 4K Ultra HD TV with Wimbledon 'microtising' campaign

Sony has started showcasing its 4K video technology in a new advertising campaign for the Wimbledon Championships, which began today.

The new ad uses what Sony calls “microtising,” a microscopic form of advertising, to drive home the point that its 4K Ultra HD technology will capture every minute detail of the tennis tournament.

While we are mostly familiar with a more bombastic form of advertising, tennis player Anne Keothavong will don the Sony logo on her fingernails, skirt hem, shoelaces, and sports equipment - logos so tiny that only 4K cameras can spot them.

“This is a real laugh, I’ve got a lot of friends and family paying attention to the smallest detail – I’ve had it on my shoe laces, my index finger and the hem of my skirt, but there are a few hidden places no one has noticed yet,” Keothavong said.

Sony will be capturing the Wimbledown showdowns with its F55 35mm and NEX-FS700 4K cameras. The tournament is the oldest tennis competition in the world, but the organisers behind it wanted to embrace cutting edge coverage of the event.

4K is a relatively new technology, promising to deliver four times the resolution of standard high-definition. While many are still switching from low-definition TVs, Sony is hoping to be ahead of the competition with the launch of two 4K models today: the 55X9 and 65X9 Bravia TVs.

Sony said it may run similar microtising campaigns for future sporting events shot in 4K. Wimbledon runs up to 7 July.

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