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Samsung denies it is pulling out of the dying desktop PC market

Samsung has denied reports suggesting it is leaving the desktop PC market for good, despite sources from the company stating otherwise.

The Korea Times cited an unnamed source, who said, “Demand for conventional desktop PCs is going down. We will allocate our resources to popular connected and portable devices.”

The newspaper also spoke with another Samsung official, who said that tablets, all-in-one PCs and hybrid PCs are the company's current focus, and that it is restructuring its PC business towards these more profitable areas.

The PC market has suffered numerous setbacks recently, with Gartner predicting a 10.6 per cent drop in shipments this year. Samsung has not been immune to this decline, but its tablet business has boomed, with the company expecting to sell 33 million tablets this year.

Despite the doom and gloom, TheNextWeb reports that Samsung has issued a statement denying it is leaving the PC market: “The rumor that Samsung is withdrawing from the PC desktop business is groundless. Samsung will continue to offer diverse PC products according to consumer and market needs.”

It may be that the sources are entirely wrong, or equally it could be that the sources were referring only to a shift in resources away from desktop PCs to other areas, but not a market exit altogether.