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Sony 4K 55in TV becomes almost affordable at £3,899

Sooner or later, 4K television sets will become mainstreams and we're ready to be that it will be sooner rather than later. Sony sells the new KD-55X9005A, a massive 55in 4K Ultra HD TV for a mere £3,899 (via Stone Audio). This television displays more than eight million pixels, four times more than any full HD displays on the market.

It comes with 4K X-Reality Pro technology as well as Magnetic Fluid speakers (develop using space-inspired technology) and Triluminos display. Other key features include intelligent upscaling thanks to a dedicated chip, four HDMI ports, a USB port, a Freeview HD tuner, a slew of legacy ports and a design that is on par with some of the best television sets on the market with a silver ring used as the stand.

Some will be disappointed by the fact that it is not 3D compatible. However, it remains a keenly priced device with a superb set of features. The KD-55X9005SA debuted at £3,999 which means that the drop is not significant.

However expect competition to push prices down as we reach the end of the year and the two high end gaming consoles, the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One, take to the sky.

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