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Benjamin Southworth steps down as Deputy CEO of Tech City Investment Organisation

Benjamin Southworth has confirmed that he will step down as Deputy CEO of the government's Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO) on 1 August in line with the expiration of his 12 month contract.

Announcing the news on his blog, Southworth wrote that his departure would likely mark the end of the Deputy CEO role at the TCIO.

"With the arrival of Joanna Shields, the stewardship of the organisation is in fantastic hands, and there is no real need for a Deputy CEO," he said.

Southworth continued: "Those who know me best will know how challenging I found the last 12 months. I will admit at times I found certain areas of the job beyond my limited skill set, and some of the procedural requirements of public sector certainly brought out the worst in me."

With regards to his future endeavours, Southworth indicated that he intends to re-engage with the startup community on a number of new projects, and Tech City observers will no doubt continue to watch his career with considerable interest.

"I've several projects and ideas I want to explore. One is looking in to the idea of a Harkness method inspired free school in the area to address the digital skill shortage, ensuring that rising tides floats all ships. The other is a far larger project around democracy in the 21st century and what that means. I've also got a few web apps I want to knock up to help triage a few personal itches that have developed," Southworth added.

Another possibility is that he may formally rejoin the 3beards collective, which he co-founded and is responsible for popular Tech City events like Digital Sizzle, Don't Pitch Me Bro, and Silicon Drinkabout.

He will also continue to steer the London Startups Facebook group and event listings site

Appointed to the Deputy CEO role in August 2012 by former TCIO CEO Rohan Silva, Southworth is a well-known and influential figure around Silicon Roundabout.

The TCIO's current commander-in-chief, Joanna Shields, paid tribute to Southworth's work with the organisation: "I am thrilled for Ben as he re-enters the community as an entrepreneur. His ideas and passion have made him a great asset to Tech City and we are most grateful to him. I have no doubt Ben will continue to be a powerful catalyst for the continued success and growth of Tech City in his new pursuits. I can't wait to see what he will build."