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Dell unveils Protected Workspace to fend off malware

Dell has launched the Protected Workspace, the latest addition to the Dell Data Protection security offering for business PCs.

The software employs the Invincea technology, a cyber protection platform that came from a DARPA-funded project, to shield computers from a vast array of malware and other cyber-attacks.

Amongst the things Protected Workspace stops are spear-phishing, watering hole attacks, drive-by downloads, poisoned search engine results, advanced persistent threats and zero-day exploits.

It achieves this level of protection by offering a sheltered environment in which to work and access the Internet and email. This virtual environment ensures that infections, which are identified in real-time, never move into the main operating system.

“Each time an employee accesses the Internet or opens an e-mail attachment, they run the risk of becoming the unwitting accomplice to a data breach,” said Anup Ghosh, CEO and founder of Invincea.

“This agreement puts Invincea's unique capability to contain, capture and analyze zero-day attacks into the hands of global enterprises, small and medium businesses and individuals - giving them the ability to defend against targeted attacks at the point of attack, and restoring confidence that their organizations are protected.”

Dell is offering a year subscription to the Protected Workspace as standard on new Precision, Latitude and OptiPlex PCs.