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Imagination sheds more light on new MIPS processor family called Warrior

Imagination has given a preview of the next generation of MIPS processors at its Imagination Summit in Asia, a new range of products that will replace the current MIPS Aptiv family and will be the first MIPS products launched since the acquisition of the company back in November 2012 by Imagination.

The new MIPS processors will adopt a similar naming convention as the PowerVR GPU family and like the Aptiv family, will consist of three strata, in order all-out embedded, high efficiency (superscalar, in order) and ultimate performance (superscalar, out of order), which roughly corresponds to ARM’s Cortex-M series, the Cortex A5/A7 and the Cortex A15/A57.

Imagination also revealed some of the features that will be implemented on “select 32/64-bit” versions of the Warrior family. Perhaps the most interesting is MIPS’ SIMD Architecture which the company says will “accelerate compute-intensive applications”. If that’s sounds familiar, it’s because Intel introduced the first widely desktop used SIMD with its Pentium family 17 years ago with MMX.

Other notable features include hardware-assisted virtualisation, multi-layered security technology and multithreading on mobile and embedded cores.

Imagination also announced that the interAptiv CPU range, the current MIPS family of products, will get a new single-core model, which the company says is the ideal upgrade from the so-called MIPS Classic cores.

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