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New Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A smartphone officially launched in Korea

The impending launch of a new version of Samsung’s top-of-the-range smartphone might be why the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been on a free-fall lately. It carried a suggested retail price of £599, then quickly reached £580 (beginning of April) before crashing out to £450 two months later. 25 per cent in two months is not that bad.

Now Korean blog Naver has published a number of pictures that bear the “Samsung mobile” logo with boxes, clearly indicating the mention LTE-A. The writer goes on to indicate that the device comes with 32GB onboard storage with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (which replaces the Qualcomm 600 AND the Exynos Octa).

The phone has been unveiled by Korean telecoms company SK Telecom and LTE-A means that the phone will have a maximum peak data rate of up to 1Gbps, one of the many improvements that LTE Advanced will bring to the table. For now though, the phone will reach up to 150mbps.

Expect this new version of the Galaxy S4 (which is just as light as the original one) to cost significantly more than the current on, probably closer to £600 when (and if) it goes on sale in the UK.

In the meantime, why not read our review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone here.

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