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Deal: John Lewis clearing out Toshiba 4K TV for £2,999

Those with deep pockets and big lounges may consider this Toshiba 55ZL2B available from John Lewis for £2,999. This is no ordinary television; it was one of the first 4K models that hit the market earlier this year for just under £3,999.

John Lewis is clearing these out and giving free delivery, six months free John Lewis broadband and five year warranty. A clearance usually means two things; either the products are not selling very well or there is a new model just around.

That TV set is positively stunning. Not only does it do 4K (that's more than eight million pixels), it also does glasses free 3D. It has a Resolution+ feature which upscales existing content to 4K (works best on Blu-rays though, not so much on DVD and standard definition content).

Toshiba also included a multi-core CEVO Picture Engine processor to improve image quality. Amongst the other features listed, there's face detection, a 50mm profile with a rather trim bezel, two 10W speakers, one Freeview HD (although at that price, we'd want two), Wi-Fi, DLNA, four HDMI ports, two USB ports, PVR capabilities, auto calibration and a 236W power consumption.

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