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Intel pays tribute to departing CTO Justin Rattner

Processor giant Intel has confirmed the end of Justin Rattner’s reign as Chief Technology Officer, after he surpassed the 65-year-old age limit the company places on corporate officers.

Rattner joined Intel way back in 1973 and rose through the ranks to become one of its first four Senior Fellows in 2001. He vacates the CTO position immediately “to deal with a pressing family matter,” but the firm expects him to return “at a later date in a role to be determined.”

In a gushing blog post, Intel paid tribute to Rattner’s achievements over the past four decades.

“Because of Justin, we are now recognized as one of the leading research labs in the high-tech industry. He has not only built a legacy of significant individual achievements, but has also challenged us to achieve great things for Intel,” it reads.

“His approach, abilities and attitude have inspired us as individuals. He challenged us to think bigger, and helped us to realize our own potential to change the world.”

Intel continues to press forward with plans to modernise its portfolio for the post-Rattner era, with recent quotes pointing to the development of a smartwatch.

The battle to seize the initiative in the wearable tech market looks to be hotting up considerably, given the reports this morning that Google is preparing its own smartwatch, alongside an all-new Android game console.