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Samsung launches 55in curved OLED 3D TV at £8,500

Samsung has announced that its 55in Curved OLED TV is now available in Korea for $13,000 (£8,500).

The company showed off its Curved OLED set at this year's CES, and it is now available for those who can afford to spend more than a few thousand on their next TV.

The design, Samsung said, "is inspired by a 'Timeless Arena' [in] which the display is placed within a luxurious frame whose curved shape mirrors the curvature of an arena."

"Because of this, the panel keeps the distance between the viewer and TV screen the same from almost any angle for a more lifelike viewing experience," Samsung said.

That price includes 3D capabilities, and the Curved OLED comes with 3D glasses that include built-in earphones that deliver separate audio to each viewer.

Like other Samsung Smart TVs, the Curved OLED will come with an empty slot in the back for the company's Evolution Kits, which provide software updates so you don't have to buy a new TV as often, "ensuring that the TV is future-proofed," Samsung said.

At a launch event in Korea, meanwhile, Samsung also unveiled two 4K, or ultra high-def (UHD) TVs, its 55in and 65in F9000. They incorporate what Samsung called its "Quadmatic Picture Engine," which optimises the signal, minimises noise, incorporates UHD up-scaling and enhances picture quality. Availability for those sets was not revealed.

The Curved OLED launch, meanwhile, comes two months after LG starting taking pre-orders for a similar set, which started shipping last month. LG's Curved OLED also costs about £8,500.