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Cheapest 4K UHD TV goes on sale for under £500, ideal for the new Apple Mac Pro

TV manufacturer Seiki burst on the scene a few months ago when it showcased a 50in 4K television that carried a recommended selling price of less than $1,000. Now it went even further with a 4K television set that retails for just under $700 (around £500) at US retailer Sears.

The Seiki SE39UY04 is a 4K 120Hz LED Ultra HD monitor with a 300cd/m^2 brightness, a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, three HDMI ports, two USB connectors, a PC input, composite input and a rather thin bezel. Note that on a 4K signal, the SE39UY04 has an input refresh rate of only 30Hz.

Tongfang Global, which is behind the Seiki brand, confirmed that there will be a third 4K television set added to its portfolio by year's end, a 65in model. 4K panels can display 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, four times the resolution reached by full HD panels.

The rise of affordable 4K television sets creates a chicken-and-egg situation because there's very little native 4K content which means that SD or HD content needs to be upscaled. The SE39UY04 might actually be a good pair for the new Apple Mac Pro workstations which supports multiple 4K monitors.

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