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Three introduces best PAYG "321" plan in the UK yet

Mobile operator Three unveiled a new Pay-As-You-Go package called 321 which offers calls for 3p, texts for 2p and data for 1p per Megabyte. That is by far the cheapest bundle available in the UK and one which comes dangerously close to some of the pay monthly tariffs of its competitors.

Virgin Mobile, Vodafone and O2 for example charge 25p on their bog standard PAYG tariffs while texts can cost as much as 12p per unit. In a blog post on Three’s website, Thomas Malleschitz, Director of marketing at Three, highlighted the fact that Three’s package wanted to differentiate itself from other seemingly more complicated rival offers.

He also underlined one of the big pitfalls of competitors; the need to convert your credit into a 30-day add-on to get the best value. In Three’s case, our credit and your deal will not expire after a set period which means that the bundle is best suited for light and very light users (or as a secondary phone); 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100MB data will cost you £6.

It is also rumoured that Three will be cut the price of its “The One Plan” package by a whopping £15 with a free upgrade to 4G coming later this year.

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