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Deal: £100 Finlux full HD monitor with Freeview, PVR & DVD

Online retailer sells the Finlux 22F6050-D monitor for £100 including delivery and 100 SuperPoints. The monitor comes with a full HD (1,920 x 1,080 resolution), a DVD player, two HDMI ports and an integrated Freeview tuner. You will also be able to record content via a USB port (you will either need a USB memory stick or a USB drive).

Finlux, unlike what one might infer, is not made in Finland and is not, a Scandinavian brand. Instead, it is owned by Turkish conglomerate Vestel, one of the biggest consumer electronics manufacturers in Europe. Note that you are strongly encouraged to get a TV licence if you want to view live programmes (either streamed or via terrestrial means).

Play's description doesn't mention whether the TV set comes with any legacy ports (like SCART or composite), whether it has a card reader, a D-Sub connector or a VESA mount. Still, just under £100 for what is essentially a monitor that doubles as a television is not a bad deal at all given that the cheapest full HD monitor costs around £80.

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