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IBM and Wimbledon: collecting the data

Inputting data into the IBM Slamtracker needs concentration and a deep level of tennis knowledge.

In this video IBM Client Technical Advisor Bill Jinks explains how the detailed statistics behind every point of every match during the Wimbledon tournament are fed into the system in real time by statisticians who are all tennis players at county level or above.

A large amount of data is collected, including rally count, speed of serve and the strokes used for each winning/losing point. The data input by these statisticians is combined with other information such as distance run by each player, and even social media sentiment.

This is then fed to the BBC, commentators, press and the general public via IBM Slamtracker, which can be found on the website and the new 2013 iPad app.

It's a complex system of real-time data entry, validation, distribution, and presentation that IBM delivers faultlessly throughout the Wimbledon tournament.

For more, don't forget to check out IBM's new analytics hub, Wimbledon Insights.