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Windows 8 hits five per cent market share; still well below Windows 7 and XP

Microsoft ended last week's Build developer conference on a high note — the announcement of increased Windows 8 market share.

The operating system topped five per cent market share in June, according to stats from Net Applications, finally eclipsing Microsoft's Vista OS. Still, Windows 7 and Windows XP still rule, with 44.37 per cent and 37.17 per cent of the market, respectively.

Windows 8 landed at 5.1 per cent last month, up from 4.27 per cent in May. Vista actually also saw some growth - from 4.51 to 4.62 per cent - but still dropped from third to fourth place.

Windows 8 isn't exactly a runaway hit, though. The OS sits behind Apple's Mac OS X, which has 7.2 per cent of the overall market.

For comparison, Microsoft's Windows 7 - which was released in October 2009 - had 1.47 per cent of the OS market by the end of 2009 and 14.46 per cent by the end of 2010, according to Net Apps.

On the browser front, meanwhile, Microsoft's IE is still on top. According to Net Apps, IE8 remains in the top spot, though IE10 is expected to break through in the next couple of months, thanks to its introduction on Windows 7.

Version 8 made up 22.67 per cent of the market-share pie last month, while IE10 crept up to 13.52 per cent — 10 months after its initial release.

Mozilla Firefox 21 and Google Chrome 27 are holding their own, as well, boasting 12.47 per cent and 13.76 per cent, respectively. Apple's Safari, meanwhile, accounts for only 3.27 per cent of users; other browsers collectively take 16.48 per cent.