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Deal: £30 Apotop Wi-Copy Wireless drive, router and battery

The Apotop Wi-Copy is, like the smartphone, a "convergent" product. It integrates a number of features that would otherwise have required several device. It is best described as a wireless card reader with router/hotspot capabilities and an emergency battery as well.

It is currently on sale at Maplin for £29.99 with free delivery. Physically, it is a square box, about the size of the Apple TV. It has a 5,400mAh battery, a SD card reader and a full size USB port. Thanks to a free bundled app, you will be able to access both via an Android or an iOS device.

The Wi-Copy can share content over Wi-Fi with up to three users concurrently on 802.11b/g (no n or ac unfortunately). In theory, it will also be able to power a 2.5in portable hard disk drive, with capacities of up to 2TB currently available on the market.

Expect the Wi-Copy to last at least 10 hours on a single charge, which is fairly impressive. Check out our hands-on with the Kingston Wireless Lite and, the Maxell AirStash and the Startech wireless hard drive enclosure, all of which offer more or less the same feature set.

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