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Exclusive: Three confirms game-changing £15 4G-capable unlimited data plan

Mobile phone network Three has already started to offer its top-of-the-range SIM Only tariff, "The One Plan", for £15 per month on a 12-month contract (that's a total cost of ownership of £180). A 30-day rolling contract will also be available for £18.

Three told ITProPortal via Twitter that the tariff reduction (which amounts to a fiver per month) is permanent and that existing and new customers can already get it either instore or via the phone. The company's website will be updated by the end of the week according to a spokesperson for the company (ed : It has just been updated)

Three's tariff reduction brings it in line with two of its competitors, Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile, both of which are already offering unlimited SIM-Only packages (data, minutes and texts) for £15 or even less. Three's "The One Plan" only offers 2,000 minutes and 5,000 texts.

Three however is currently the only network that offers unlimited tethering as well, un-throttled data speeds, free confirmed upgrade to 4G by the end of the year and free VoIP (via Skype).

It will be interesting to see how other competitors react to the change in price (whether, for example, they start to offer tethering as well) and whether Three cuts the price of its contracts as well.

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