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Deal: Lenovo G585 laptop with 1TB hard drive for under £200

Think of the Lenovo G585 as a netbook trapped in a laptop chassis. Actually, the product is a laptop but with a netbook CPU. More about that latter. Argos is selling it via its eBay account for just under £200 with 200 Nectar points but excluding delivery at £3.95. Note that this is a refurbished device with a 12-month warranty.

The G585 comes with an AMD dual-core E-series processor, one clocked at 1.6GHz. It is slightly more powerful than an Intel Atom processor clocked at a similar speed thanks partly to its more advanced graphics part.

Other features include a dedicated numeric keypad, a 15.6in display with a 1,566 x 768 pixel resolution, VeriFace face recognition, 4GB of RAM, a massive 1TB hard disk drive, three USB ports, a HDMI port, an Ethernet port, Windows 8 OS, a webcam and a weight of 2.6Kg.

Given how cheap that device is, it is almost tempting to get one to be used as a third PC or even a Home Theater PC/Media Center next to a television in the lounge given that a 1TB HDD and Windows 8 OS on their own cost around £100.

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