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Last chance for mobile startups to enter £1m Android and iOS app competition

Budding iOS and Android developers, take note: the deadline to enter a £1m app competition backed by smartphone payment solutions provider judo is nigh.

Aimed at recognising and rewarding mobile startups, the juno competition will reward 10 fledgling firms with £100,000 each in free credit and debit card processing.

Interested parties have until 10 July to register for the first round of the competition, which will select five winners.

"Businesses have a hard time creating an easy way for consumers to pay for goods or services within their Apple and Android apps, leading to conversion rates at less than half of what we typically see for online businesses. For startups, the challenges and expense of building back end systems for payment processing leave many businesses struggling," commented Dennis Jones, CEO of judo.

Jones added: "They either don't have a way to simplify payment transactions or they spend most of their investment building the payments portion of their solution, leaving app functionality lacking. Consequently, many apps fail to become profitable and don't make it past their first year. Judo makes it easy to integrate the building block of payments into mobile apps for all businesses so developers can focus on the quality of the apps and services they provide."

If you think your app is a potential winner, make for and register now.

You'd be a fool not to enter the competition from the get-go, but if you are unlucky enough to miss the first deadline, all is not lost - five more budding mobile startups will be chosen from a second stage of the competition. Entries for round two close on 27 July.

Judo announced its £1 million app competition at a recent TechMeetups event.