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Sony launches Xperia smartphone recovery service globally

Sony has announced that it will be rolling out its remote security app for the Xperia smartphones globally over the coming weeks.

Branded "my Xperia", the app was trialled in the Nordic countries earlier this year and provides owners with protection if their phone is lost or stolen.

The service is similar to Apple's 'Find My iPhone' feature and will allow users to view their phone's location on a map, lock the phone, sound an alert, ping contact details to the device and erase both internal and external SD card data, all from a computer.

Xperia owners will be able to activate the app through the phone's settings and use Google ID to sign in to, from there they can access the service's central interface.

According to the Office of National Statistics, just over half a million phones were stolen in the UK last year.

Last year the Metropolitan Police service reported a number of incidents whereby stolen iPhones had been recovered through the 'Find My iPhone' app, on one occasion locating a phone within an hour of the offence being reported.