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IBM and Wimbledon: Inside the Operations Bunker

Deep in a basement beneath the courts of the All England Lawn Tennis Club you can find a series of rooms that make up what IBM calls The Operations Bunker. This is the central hub of IBM's data services for Wimbledon.

In this video, IBM's Lead IT Architect for Wimbledon, Mark Crawley explains what goes on in The Operations Bunker. He talks us through the Wimbledon Information System (WIS), which provides deep analytical data about Wimbledon tournaments of the last eight years, as well as results from the very first tournament in 1877 onwards. He also explains how IBM works in tandem with the BBC and other broadcasters to provide statistical graphics for their broadcasts.

The Operations Bunker team includes an extra pair of tennis-playing statisticians, part of the 48 strong courtside data entry team, to double check the scores from Centre and Number One Courts.

This year meanwhile, WIS adds a new searchable video database which indexes footage from every match, and the TV graphics have gained new player information to give media commentators and the wider general public even greater insight and understanding.

For more, don't forget to check out IBM's analytics hub for the Championships, Wimbledon Insights.