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Hackney-based art charity Space hope to crowdfund 3D manufacturing facility

Hackney-based arts charity Space is looking to crowdfund a new accessible and affordable 3D manufacturing facility through Kickstarter.

Branded the Fab Lab, the facility would include two 3D printers, a laser cutter and a vinyl cutting machine, as well as soldering irons and a sewing machine.

Levin Haegele, visual arts and media training manager at Space said: "The Fab Lab will allow the many thousands of artists in the East End to really push 3D printing technology and laser printing technology in directions that would otherwise would not have been possible."

In keeping with the charity's pledge to support artists and provide accessible services, membership to the facility will cost just £20 a year.

"As a charity that offers support for over 700 artists and designers, an affordable and accessible 3D reproduction facility will not only continue our remit to support artists and designers, but will also allow for creatives across London to try their hand at taking their ideas to a level that may not have been evident before," says Haegel.

The team believes that this freedom to experiment and play with the medium is key to what will set this facility apart from commercial enterprises. "We are going to be focussing on why we are using this technology, not just on the technology itself," adds Haegel.

As part of this aim, if the project gets off the ground, Space will also be holding regular events, lectures, and seminars that will focus on the discourse associated with digital manufacturing processes.

The charity is hoping to raise £15,000 by 27 July and has raised £1,500 so far. A donation of £20 through Space's Kickstarter page will make you one of the first members of the Fab Lab, whilst larger donations will get you a 3D printed sculpture.