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Lenovo unveils trio of Haswell-based desktop computers

Lenovo announced today the launch of a new series of desktop devices geared at a business/entreprise audience. They all feature Intel’s fourth generation “Haswell” processor architecture and the flagship model is paradoxically the smallest one as well.

The ThinkCentre M93p comes with Intel vPro and a tiny form factor (with a chassis width of only 34.5mm). It offers a 64GB SSD with an optional solid state hybrid drive and appears to be the ideal thin form client in a networked environment, a valid argument given that it is Citrix-ready as well and comes with a VESA mount. Users can also power the desktop on directly from a wired or wireless keyboard and an Always-ON USB port (one directly replicated from laptops) with RapidCharge technology means that you can power USB devices even when switched off. The M93p will cost roughly £660 at launch.

As for the M93z, it is a touchscreen all-in-one computer with a 23in full HD display, a Lync-certified full HD webcam and an optional 1GB AMD Radeon HD GPU. Like the M93p, it features an optional SSHD, vPro technology and carries a suggested retail price of just £1,000 including VAT.

The last model is the M93, a traditional desktop, that carries a suggested retail price of £600 and will come with 64GB SSD or an optional SSHD. Unlike the two former models (which will go on sale in August), the M93 will be available from December. There will also be a tower model called the M83.

Désiré Athow

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