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Seculert wins $10m in venture capital to combat malware in cloud

Cloud security firm Seculert has won $10 million (£6.9 million) in venture capital funding (opens in new tab) from Sequoia Capital, following Northwest Venture Partners (NVP) earlier investment in the company.

Gili Raanan, a partner at Sequoia Capital, has joined Seculert’s board of directors following the investment.

Seculert says its service effectively combats advanced malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs), by using the cloud (opens in new tab), crowdsourcing, and big data analytics to identify and block attacks "at the speed at which they develop".

Combating malware (opens in new tab) in the cloud before it tries to enter corporate networks at the perimeter is the strategy being pursued by the major security software and hardware vendors.

“We use our automated malware expertise in conjunction with our cloud-based advanced threat protection platform to transform companies’ existing security devices into comprehensive APT solutions,” said Dudi Matot, co-founder and CEO of Seculert.

“Our solution has already proven to be successful with Fortune 500 companies as well as global financial service providers, telecom companies, and multinational oil and gas companies,” he said.

Raanan of Sequoia Capital, said, “The risks organisations are facing from new types of security threats is on a sharp rise. Seculert sets itself apart from the other cyber-security companies by providing organisations the simplest, off-campus malware protection solution in the cloud, that can also work with existing security devices to protect the organisation."

Corporate IT budgets are still being squeezed so the fact Seculert offers organisations the chance to use old kit to tackle new threats is a major plank of its marketing.