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Synology DS-713+: Two-bay top model

Synology has quite a few products in its line-up. This time around we will take a closer look at a more deluxe model with room for two disks, the DS713+. It's positioned higher than the DS213+ that we recently reviewed. That was a very fast NAS and offers more than enough for most users. The DS713+ takes it further still, which makes it a very interesting product for the business segment.

The name DS713+ could imply that you can fit seven disks inside the NAS, but in fact there's only room for two. The seven instead refers to the fact that, with the help of an expansion unit, you can connect a total of seven disks to it. It's a similar idea to the DS1812+ (eight disks) and DS1512+ (five disks), to which you can connect two of DX513 chassis.

The DS213+ is built around a FreeScale dual-core processor that's based on Power architecture. The other two-bay models from Synology instead use ARM chips. The DS713+ has completely different hardware inside and, like the other high-end models from Synology, employs an Intel processor. It's an Intel Atom D2700, the same processors as in the DS412+, DS1512+, DS1812+ and DS2413+.

The Intel Atom D2700 is a 2.13GHz dual-core processor, which is quite advanced compared to the DS712+ which has a 1.86GHz single-core Intel Atom D425. The NAS has 1GB DDR3 RAM. That's quite a bit of power for a NAS with room for only two hard disk.

The downside of the powerful hardware is that it uses a bit more power, 21 Watts with the disks turning and 26 Watts with one active disk is quite a bit. You can read the rest of Synology DS-713+: 2-bay top model on (opens in new tab).