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Samsung now ahead of Apple in mobile Internet data usage

Samsung has overtaken Apple globally for the first time in terms of mobile Internet usage, according to StatCounter, the independent website analytics company.

The figures for Internet usage on mobile devices have never been more important as shipments for PCs continue on their downward path (opens in new tab), with basic PCs being replaced by tablets and smartphones in both the consumer and business space.

"The report charts winners and losers over the last 12 months (opens in new tab) in the battle to dominate the Internet, whether in the field of browsers, operating systems, search, mobile or social media," said Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter.

The report says that while 12 months ago, Nokia led globally in terms of mobile Internet usage, Samsung (25.47 per cent) has leapfrogged both Apple (25.09 per cent) and Nokia (21.96 per cent) to take the lead in June 2013.

BlackBerry has declined over 12 months from 5 per cent to 3.62 per cent in June. "However, perhaps sparked by its new model [the touchscreen Z10], over the last six months BlackBerry’s fall may have bottomed out as it is up slightly from 3.48 per cent in January", said the report.

In the US and UK however, Apple remains the clear leader in mobile Internet usage, said StatCounter. In both markets Apple holds around 50 per cent of the mobile Internet sector. In the UK, one of its strongest markets, BlackBerry has lost its number two position to Samsung.

While in May 2012, Google's Chrome became the browser leader in terms of Internet usage worldwide, it has now overtaken Internet Explorer for the first time in the US as well, said StatCounter, taking 34.02 per cent of the market compared to IE's 32.46 per cent.