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Zotac Zbox Nano Plus: A mini with more

When one of the established brands enters the fray, suddenly a fringe product can become something exciting that everybody pays attention to. It's what happened when Intel introduced its Next Unit of Computing, a tiny PC that fits in the palm of your hand. However, Intel could not escape the fact that it bore an uncanny resemblance to a product we'd seen before. That would be the Zotac Zbox Nano XS Plus, a practical little mini PC equipped with an AMD processor from the Brazos family. It's an energy-efficient processor, but for consumers that want more pint-sized power, Zotac now has a real competitor for the Intel NUC and Gigabyte Brix. Today we take a closer look at the new Zotac Zbox Nano ID63/ID64/ID65 that comes with a powerful Intel processor.

Like the mini PCs from the competition, the Zbox is equipped with a third generation Intel Core processor. Graphics are also provided by the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000. Zotac gives you the choice of three different Ivy Bridge Core processors. The entry-level model ID63 runs on the Intel Core i3-3227U, the ID64 has the Core i5-3337U and the high-end model has the Core i7-3537U. And yes, these are indeed processors used in Ultrabooks.

The new Zbox is slightly larger than the previous model and the two mini PCs from the competition. It measures 12.8 x 12.8 x 5.1cm, including the legs it stands on. There's a definite advantage with the additional space, in the form of more connectors.

Whereas the mini PCs from Gigabyte and Intel don't feature any audio connectors, Zotac put two audio jacks on the Zbox, one of which you can connect a digital optical cable to. Zotac even includes the appropriate adapter. Another bonus is the built-in card reader suitable for SD, MemoryStick and XD. You can read the rest of Zotac Zbox Nano Plus on