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Facebook Home Android update brings improved personalisation options

If you've been using Facebook Home, which brings the social network to an Android device's home screen, you might have noticed some annoying quirks.

Many users have complained, for instance, that the new alternative home screen strips away some important features, like the ability to organise your apps into folders. Well, it appears that Facebook has been listening to your complaints, because that issue has been corrected.

The social network has rolled out an update for Facebook Home that now lets you drag apps into folders for a more organised and personalised Home screen. It's a small update, but it should be a welcome one for anyone using Home, especially if reviews in Google Play are any indication.

The app currently has a pretty sad rating — just 2.5 out of 5 stars — with many objecting the lack of personalisation options Android users have come to expect.

"I really like the app but my battery was always dying and it needs a way to organize apps," one user wrote. Now at least the second part of that complaint has been addressed.

The change comes after Facebook last month released an update for Home that added a dock for frequently accessed apps, another major shortcoming at launch.

First unveiled in April, Facebook Home takes over your Android phone's screen and replaces it with a flowing and interactive window into your Facebook feed.

Besides the organisation issues, Facebook Home has another major problem. It lets anyone in arm's reach of your phone post a comment or "like" activity on your behalf without having to enter a PIN code or otherwise unlock the security you have enabled on your Android.