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32in full HD monitor available from £170

British supermarket Sainsbury's is flogging the last few stocks of the Celcus LED32S0913FHD LED TV for a mere £170 including delivery and 338 Nectar points. Even though it is sold as a television set, nothing prevents you from using it as a computer display.

Granted, you will almost certainly need a big desk but at least you won't need big pockets as you can grab two for under £350. Some might complaint about the lack of reliable feedback about this brand and the fact that the pixels might look a bit bigger than usual when viewed at a closer range.

Still, that Celcus monitor provides with excellent value for money. Since it is a television, it includes a Freeview TV tuner, there's also a HDMI socket, a USB connector as well as SCART one. There's even a headphone socket as well as a pair of 6W speakers. You will be able to remove the stand and fix it on a VESA mount.

Other features include a full HD resolution, a 350cd/m^2 brightness and a 50Hz refresh rate.

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