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Exclusive: Samsung ATIV Q convertible laptop goes on preorder for £1,299, lands on 29/8

If you want to buy Samsung's top of the range convertible laptop, you will have to wait until the end of next month to do so. The Samsung ATIV Q was unveiled a couple of weeks ago and is currently being listed for £1,299, a price which you can cut down to around £1,170 if you are a first-time buyer at and use its credit facilities.

The ATIV Q is essentially the same as its sibling, the ATIV Book 9, except that it comes with a screen that can hinge and transform the laptop into a tablet. Some, including myself, will complain about the lack of a touchpad device, the fixed angle of the screen and the rather limited 4GB onboard storage.

But the ATIV Q is also one of the few mainstream laptops to offer dual-booting capabilities out of the box and also includes a nifty addon called SideSync that allows any Samsung Galaxy smartphone user to replicate the feature on the laptop itself. Its other selling point is a gorgeous 13.3in SuperBright 300nit QHD+ LED display touch panel.

At 3,200 x 1,800 pixels, it offers the highest resolution on any portable device on the market and indeed of any non-4K displays around.

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