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Yahoo accepting username requests after purging inactive accounts

Yahoo is now accepting requests for desired usernames.

The move comes about a month after Yahoo said it would deactivate accounts that have not been used in over a year, allowing people to snap up those once-claimed usernames.

Now, Yahoo is asking people to tell it which usernames they really want. On the Yahoo Wish List page, anyone can submit up to five desired usernames - in order of preference - as well as a contact email address.

"If your first choice isn't available, we'll try one of your backups," Yahoo said in a blog post. "In mid-August, you'll get an email letting you know which of your picks is available, with link to claim it within 48 hours. And just like that, it's all yours."

"Your Yahoo username is what you use to log into all our services daily, so we want it to reflect who you really are," Yahoo said.

Of course, if you're inheriting an email address that has been dormant for more than a year, will you also inherit its spam messages? According to Yahoo, it has been "working with partners, like e-commerce and social networking sites, on identifying that you're the new owner of a Yahoo username, and not the previous one."

More details about that are on the Yahoo developer blog.

The announcement just over a month after the shutdown of Yahoo Mail Classic, making way for the new version of Mail, which launched several months ago. The web giant announced the discontinuation in April, warning users that beginning 3 June, Yahoo Mail Classic and other versions of the web-based mail services would no longer be available.