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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini preview

The new Galaxy S4 Mini came out only a few months after the S4 (opens in new tab), a much quicker turn-around than the six months it took for the S3 Mini to appear after the original S3. The S3 Mini must have done quite well in terms of sales and didn't have a negative impact on the S3, because now all four smartphones are available at the same time. Today we'll take a closer look at the S4 Mini.

When we first took the S4 Mini out of the box, it felt tiny, after testing all those 5in or larger smartphones. It feels nice in your hand, and is very light at 110g. It's still a 4.3in smartphone, so it's not that small. The bezels on the sides are very thin, like on the S4. It looks very good, and the only minor drawback is that when you pick up the phone, it's possible to accidentally activate something. You run into more of a chance of this with a smaller phone like the S4 Mini, as it sits deeper in your hand than the larger S4.

The S4 Mini resembles the S4 a lot. It's also slightly larger than the S3 Mini and has one sensor less above the screen. The tiny diamond pattern in the plastic on the front and back is more subtle than on the black S4 we tested, but it's still there.

At first it seems strange that the new S4 Mini is somewhat less thin than the S4, but with less surface area, the internal components had to fit somewhere. In this case, it meant making the phone slightly thicker. You can read the rest of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini preview here (opens in new tab).