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Close deals faster with new cloud-based tools this week introduced a new suite of cloud-based software tools, which take a cue from consumer-oriented social media services to help sales teams hone their skills, better identify decision-makers at targeted clients, and close deals faster.

The Sales Performance Accelerator layers onto's flagship Sales Cloud CRM software offering and integrates with the company's Chatter communications platform. Versions for Windows and iOS are now available, with various promotional pricing deals available for the first 90 days of the Sales Performance Accelerator rollout, the company said.

An Android version of the new tool suite will arrive within 12 months, a confirmed.

"In recent years, we've seen the rise of social media, mobile, the cloud, the emergence of apps and online communities— all of these are disruptions. Customers of ours like HP and CareerBuilder are all looking at these kind of technologies which provide new and interesting ways for sales teams to connect with customers,"'s Mark Woollen said.

"What we're doing with the Sales Performance Accelerator is providing a better way to sell which solves some core sales challenges."

The Sales Performance Accelerator includes a new information-sharing framework based partly on social review sites, like Yelp, that encourages sales teams to share lead and customer data. That platform also incorporates information from and provides helpful participants with material rewards such as coupons.

Another key part of the new software suite utilises coaching and feedback tools from to provide sales teams with a platform for setting goals and providing educational workshops for sales associates and managers.

With access to the new tools available on both office workstations and mobile devices, is promoting the Sales Performance Accelerator as a means for sales teams to "seamlessly connect and access everything they need to supercharge their performance, empowering them to close more deals, faster, both at their desks and on the go."

Ultimately, the purpose of the new tool suite is simple — to arm sales reps with better information and training in order to get deals closed faster and more efficiently, said's Nick Stein.

"There are areas where we see that we can really improve the sales forces of our customers in a fundamental way, to increase the peak sales performance of reps," Stein said. "The first area is in the [information] pipeline. Reps spend a lot of time chasing down leads, which can be very unproductive. So we are aiming to shorten sales cycles by providing organizations and sales forces with the data and resources they need in a real-time way.

"And the Sales Performance Accelerator also provides coaching and feedback on success rates for sales reps, letting them know what they're doing well and what they need to improve."

Last month, Oracle announced a nine-year strategic partnership with