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Buy an Apple iPhone 5 or iPad mini this summer and get free £35 App Store voucher

Apple is throwing in a free App Store gift card with all iPad, iPhone and Mac purchases made by students this summer.

It says a new digital study buddy will help boffins "revise for exams, take notes and stay organised" in the next academic year, but it also means you could Instagram or Vine the hell out of Freshers' Week and attempt to master Traktor's virtual DJ app.

Any student that buys an iPad or iPhone (opens in new tab)will get a £35 Apple Gift Card to spend on apps, music, games or eBooks, across the App Store, iTunes and iBookstore.

Buy a Mac and your splurge on the house will go even further, as you'll get a £70 gift card on top of the standard 15 per cent student discount.

Considering that buying an iPhone 5 (opens in new tab) right out of the shop with no contract is £529 - and the cheapest contracts start in the region of the £32 a month (plus £29 upfront) available on Three (opens in new tab) - the deal may not get typically cash-conscious students running to the local Apple Store.

Applied to an iPad, however, the deal is more attractive. With an iPad Mini (opens in new tab) starting at £269, it becomes tempting if you plan to spend the £35 voucher wisely.

There are, of course, a number of much cheaper tablets out there - the Kindle Fire and various Acer, Asus and HP offerings - but none quite compare to the feel, look and functionality of an iPad. The Samsung Galaxy tablets that hold their own against the iPad family retail for only a fraction less, so if you're caught between the two, this could be the sweetener you need.

For the deal to make any great impact on a Mac purchase, you would have to go for the cheapest on offer; the 11in MacBook Air is £849, before student discount. Be warned though - as beautiful a piece of kit as it is, the Air is so stripped back that it lacks some features that students may find attractive, such as an optical drive for watching DVDs.

However, if you were already planning on getting a Mac before seeing the deal, the £70 gift card will be a welcome extra that could make a nice dent in pricier software essentials, such as Microsoft Office (opens in new tab) and Adobe Creative Suite.

So just what could you spend your complementary App Store vouchers on? Here are some of the best iPad apps for students:

MoneyBook (opens in new tab) - an app to help you keep track of your finances, £1.99.

Keynote (opens in new tab) - a presentation tool similar to PowerPoint, £13.99.

iStudiez Pro (opens in new tab) - an app that can assist you in managing your academic and social life, £6.99.

Traktor DJ (opens in new tab) - virtual DJ software, currently free as an App Store fifth birthday offer, but usually £13.99.

iMovie (opens in new tab)- easily edit video footage together without having to upload to your laptop, £2.99.

Fruit Ninja (opens in new tab) - the perfect game to keep you occupied in boring lectures. Thought and concentration strictly optional, 69p.

iThoughts HD (opens in new tab) - a digital mind mapping tool for those who like decorative revision notes, £6.99.

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