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Apple rumour roundup: 13in iPad and large-display iPhone being tested plus the latest image leaks

Rumours that Apple is set to super-size its range of mobile devices in the near future could be right on the money, after the Wall Street Journal reported that the US firm has asked its Asian supply chain partners to produce larger screens.

According to the publication, Apple has requested the production of prototype displays for a smartphone larger than 4in, and also for a new tablet in the region of 13in.

That could mean that the Cupertino-based company is indeed developing a "phablet"-style iPhone measuring up to 5.7in to take on large-display devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It also hints that a future iPad could be as large or larger than many notebooks.

For an idea of what such a device might look like, check out the render by French tech blog NowhereElse at the top of this story.

The recent gossip complements other rumours connecting Apple to the production of a budget plastic iPhone.

Once dubbed the iPhone mini, the latest chit-chat has such a device potentially pegged as the iPhone Light. Japanese publication Weekly ASCII outed the following photo, alleging to be a leak of that phone's casing side-by-side with the current generation iPhone 5.

Whatever the case, the sheer number of rumours linking Apple to radical new devices hints that a significant development of some sort is likely in the not-too-distant future - and possibly even as soon as the firm's expected Q3 2013 product launch.